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Where And How To Buy Domperidone?
If you cannot get a prescription or find a compounding pharmacy that can make the medication for you, there is another option. You can purchase Domperidone on-line from a reputable pharmacy. They sell Domperidone and will ship it to you without a prescription. Orders can be paid for with Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.

Domperidone, the Milk Making Medicine.
While you may have never heard of Domperidone, it is well known among lactation professionals. Domperidone is primarily used by those suffering with gastric reflux, but it has an interesting side-effect; it increases prolactin levels, the hormone that increases milk production. Increasing prolactin levels can be very helpful for mothers who are struggling with low milk supply. Prolactin levels are normally high in mothers who are breastfeeding.
Using the medication Domperidone can be very helpful. This medication is not distributed in the U.S. but is available through compounding pharmacies and in all other countries around the world. Domperidone does not pass into the brain and cause the side effects seen with metoclopromide. You should know that in 2004, the U.S. Federal Drug Administration put out a warning about Domperidone for possible cardiac side effects that were reported when this medication was given intravenously. But these side effects have never been reported when the medication is taken by mouth.
If you are considering using Domperidone, there are a few things that you should know. Probably one of the best resources on using Domperidone is Dr. Jack Newman, a Canadian Pediatrician and lactation professional who has used this medication for more than 25 years. You can visit his website for a great deal of breastfeeding information, including information about Domperidone. It is best to make sure that your breasts are being well drained by either a vigorous nursing baby and/or an effective breast pump. The most common side effect of taking Domperidone is increased milk production. Know that if you want to try Domperidone, there are a few uncommon side effects like headaches for the first couple of days, and more unusual, dry mouth, abdominal cramps. Coming off of Domperidone “cold turkey” can suffer with anxiety, sleeplessness, and loss of appetite. There are no concerns about the safety of taking for the baby, and has been given directly to infants that suffer with reflux. The amount received by the baby through breastmilk is very small.
The initial dosing is usually 30 milligrams three times a day. The dose can be increased up to 40 milligrams four times a day. Ideally taking the medication every 8 hours is suggested but this is not critical. Domperidone is absorbed best when taken on an empty stomach. Many mothers take the medication for one to two months, but some may need to take it longer or even as long as they are nursing. This may be true for mothers who are nursing an adopted baby.
Often an increase in milk production is seen within a few days, but some mothers may need a few weeks to see a maximum effect. It should be taken for 4-6 weeks before deciding that it isn’t helping.
The most difficult part may be getting a prescription from a doctor because they are unfamiliar with it or they are fearful of the side effects that they have heard about when it is given by IV.
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