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 Hi *|FNAME|*!

Welcome to the November 2017 edition of CPR Kart-Beat News.  As always, this issue we'll fill you in on what's been happening here - read on and find out what's in store this month!


If we wet your appetite for racing last month, and you're looking for a cool way to keep up-to-speed in the off-season over Christmas this year, maybe it's time to get that sim-racing software back out and hook up your steering wheel and pedals to our brand new RPM-Club sim chassis?






CPR has even more great new products - and they're easier to find! 



This month we're launching even more exciting new products, including our new range of fuel components.  Not only that, but we've stitched up a new deal for more performance GX200 and GX390 parts, so we'll be offering even more in the way of go-fast bits for your 4-stroke karts.  If you're running 2-stroke, don't worry - we've got you covered there too with our range expanding into even more components for KT100S & J engines including rebuild parts for your bottom end.  Check out our store in the newly categorised engine section.




BACK IN STOCK #35P Full Range of Sprockets!

Our latest batch of sprockets have just arrived.  And off course, everyone already knows the incredible value of our #35 chain, sprocket & clutch packs!  So we won't even waste your precious reading time telling you about the incredible performance of our 'zero failure' clutches, or our easy-to-align 6061-T6 Alloy Split sprockets..  All we're going to say is that the prices haven't gone up!  Yes, you can still buy them at a ridiculously low price!

Cllick the picture above to browse our #35 chain section and get your set today!
















If you're like the vast majority of responsible karting enthusiasts there's probably nothing more stressful than removing and installing a clutch for the first time. 


That horror story  you tell your friends about over a beer the night after you break your crank or destroy the thread in the end removing a clutch doesn't need to be a reality with this tool - the CPR Piston Stop crank locking tool!


Simply wind this little guy into your spark plug hole and the soft alloy tip will stop your piston from moving and lock your crank so that you can remove your clutch retaining bolt with ease!


Then re-install the nut with the correct amount of torque so that you don't have clutches falling off in the middle of a race (embarrassing much!)


So for less than a $20 you can now ensure you no longer worry about damaging cranks or clutches coming loose and instead enjoy your karting as you're supposed to be!


You can get your tool here:








Our new Daily Specials are the most excisting new buzz around the Cut Price Racing website!  Visit our store daily to ensure you know the day's special and don't miss out on the awesome offers - there aren't any emails sent to remind you so our advice is stop by the store daily and make sure you're in the know to take advantage of the best deals before they run out!


SO AFFORDABLE! GTR (Ready to Race) 40mm Axle Kits





NEW! Our new GTR (GT - Ready to Race) series complete 40mm axle assemblies are ideal for replacing exisiting damaged, worn, or upgrading existing axle assemblies on karts running 12mm discs.

Complete with 12mm disc & standardised 6-hole brake hub, bearings and hangers, sprocket hub and wheel hubs, plus a 40mm axle shaft and all nuts, bolts, keys and anodised countersunk washers!
If you're looking for a cost effective and competitive axle upgrade, this is an absolutely incredible price!

Need an 18mm disc? No problem, select 18mm from our options list for an additional small fee.

Click the picture above to view our range.

 We're making it easier to find our NEW PRODUCTS!



Our customers are constantly asking 'what's new?' so we've decided to make it even easier to find out by placing our 3 latest new products at the top of our website so you can easily see what's arrived each day!

Simply click the picture below to head over to our website and have a look!



















Our engines aren't the cheapest - so why do we sell so many?

When we started selling engines we realised quickly that our customers would be frustrated quickly if we sold engines that weren't premium quality. Returns by post are costly so we didn't want to have engine failures. We know you expect reliability, but we also know that the really cheap engines just can't provide that, especially if they are in any way modified at all.

One of our main concern was whether our engines would be reliable when built into performance engines. We know now, after many trials, that the only way we can build a reliable race engine is by starting with one of our premium engines.

Not only that, but in order to extract race-winning performance, you really need to start with something that has a great flowing head design among other important features. If you're planning to retain the stock carb, you will also need one of those with good build quality and strong atomisation performance.

Now you can have the quality reliability and convenience of a ready-to-run bolt-on and drive engine with extra grunt from our new 270cc 9HP engine!  It also includes a 2:1 reduction box so that you don't have to worry about destroying dry clutches!  Perfect for the kids or the big kids, strap it to your kart or buggy and power through ditches and over hills - there's nothing this beast can't handle!

We've fitted it with a 19T 428P sprocket so that you can connect it to most of the mainstream buggy transmissions - or buy a sprocket and chain from us and bolt it to your go-kart chassis!

If you'd like to learn more about our engines, click the picture above, or feel free to call Paul during the week on 0425 899 222.





We're making it easier to check when products are BACK IN STOCK!



If you're one of the unfortunate few customers who find that we're out of stock of something (and it doesn't happen very often) then you're in for a fantastic surprise this month!  We've made it so much easier to check if your item has come back into stock - at the bottom of our home page you'll find our new "back in stock" section which shows the latest products to arrive back in stock. 

Simply click the picture below to head over to our website and have a look!




We're doing more back-in stock updates and super-specials on Facebook!



If you're using Facebook, we're updating our page daily so that you'll always know when new stock arrives, or out-of-stock items come back into stock!  Make sure you like the page and posts to stay up-to-date and ensure you aren't missing out on any of our special offers!






Now with exhaust gasket, 98 jet & intake gasket set!

What's the best thing you can do to your stock 6.5hp GX200 or Clone engine?  Make it go faster, of course!  And you'll go MUCH faster with our sport performance ST1 hop-up kit.  So much faster, in fact, that you'll be grinning from ear to ear in no time flat!  With loads of people gearing up with our hop-up kits, you'll join the growing group of happy customers going faster and having more fun.

Our Sports kit upgrades your air filter, exhaust, removes the governor, creates a new linkage to connect the supplied throttle cable and even includes plates & guards to mount the included fuel pump and filters to do an external fuel tank conversion!  How good is that?!

Plus we'll throw in a 98 fuel jet so you can rest assured your beast won't lean out! 

You won't need to worry about how hard it is to install - it's a breeze - especially with our new easy-to-folllow guide, you'll be racing in no-time!  If you'd like to read the guide first, click the following link:  http://www.cutpriceracing.com.au/phpbb3/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=802


Our Trading Hours Have Changed.



Part of the process of reducing costs for you so that we can offer our impressive range of parts at the absolute lowest price has been to identify where we can make changes in our distribution system.  One of the places we knew we could look at our high costings was our warehouse so we've decided to take more control over that area and run it 4 days a week instead of 5.  Becuase we send barely any orders on Fridays we've decided to cut that cost and pass it onto you in the form of low prices.

We will now be open from Monday to Thursday which means we'll dispatch all orders paid up until 2pm on Thursday that day so you can have them by the end of the week.  

Remember even though we won't send orders out on Friday, the couriers will still deliver your items on the Friday of each week if you've ordered on Thusday!



We're finding ways to keep your parts prices lower!



You already know CPR is all about providing the best product at the best price but did you know how hard we've been working behind the scenes to keep your prices low?  We've been making some big changes to the costings in our business so that we can keep your pricing low!  You can find out more by scrolling down.

EEN PRICE Premium Quality GX200 Ignition & Coil


GX200 Ignition Problems? Need a HIGH QUALITY ignition at the absolute LOWEST PRICE?
As always, we're here to help with that.

Our ignition systems are the same high quality units we ship with our reputable CPR 6.5 and 10hp GX200 engines. These are sourced from the highest grade factory for GX200 clone engines - they're so good we use them in our race engines.

Just like all the other parts for GX200's we carry, we make sure our parts are the most reliable available. Sure, that makes them a little more pricey in some cases, but for the quality you won't beat what you'll pay for our parts.

And we'll SHIP THEM FREE to you, with our SAME DAY dispatch!

At this price, can you afford NOT to have one SPARE?

If that makes a whole lot of sense, then shoot over to our site by clicking on the picture above and grab one today.





Hanging out for some exciting new products?  Well 2017 is your year!  In this issue we'll showcase more new products including our new Le-Mans body kit and our new GT Plastics kit!  Scroll down and browse through all the new products.




We're helping you install your parts!

Our new product install manuals have just been released.  If you've bought a product from our range you'll have instant access to our full range of manuals.  We're updating them constantly and adding new ones weekly so you can rest assured your new products will be easy to install and we've got you covered! 

Download your Install Manual



We've got a whole new month of exciting specials in store!

And of course we're still giving things away, but only if you buy directly from our online store - not eBay or over phone.  So if you're looking to score yourself some free stuff jump online and place your order today.  


Redesigned & Overhauled RACE Brake System


Our race hydraulic brake systems offer premium quality at an incredibly low price.  Redesigned by a reputable brake company these new brakes are highly reliable with impressive stopping power.  Braided lines are included with the full kit which is ready to install and use - fluid is already included and pre-bled. 

Our callipers come pre-set to a 4mm disc but can be spaced out to accept up to 18mm discs making them compatible with virtually all popular discs.

And if you're after just a master, our new master kit includes our 1/8BSP adaptor ensuring you'll have the correct thread type for your kart whether it's M10 1.25 or 1/8 BSP (Tapered).

Click the picture above to get your kit today.


We're delivering excitement with speed!

And don't forget, anything you buy this month (or any month actually) will be sent the same day as long as you've paid by 2pm EST!  (excludes Fridays, Weekends and public holidays) - and FREE of charge when you buy through our online store www.cutpriceracing.com.au



NEW HEEL BLOCKS Kids Pedal Extenders & Feet Raisers



If your little ones are having trouble with the stock height or distance pedals, our pedal extension and brand new heel stop blocks will get them where they need to be.

Our precision CNC Billet pedal extensions are the best on the market, offering several positions for growing kids - start them on the longest extension and move them away as required as they grow. They're easy to install and offer loads of positions as well as the ability to easily swivel out of the way if a taller driver needs to fit.

Usually blocks are required to assist with the smaller foot length being able to reach the stock pedal height. Our new heel stop raising blocks are the perfect compliment to a new set of pedal extensions and will get smaller drivers feet up where they need them to operate the pedals.

You can find our pedal extensions here:

And our heel stop raising blocks here: http://www.cutpriceracing.com.au/store/Heel-Stop-Raiser-Blocks-Pair/






If you're in the mood to document your installation of either the 10hp kit, or any other of our products (it can be as small as a pedal set - you don't have to write a guide on a complete kit) why not pick yourself up a free $25 gift voucher for the trouble of writing it down and taking a few pictures?  Yep that's right we're giving you a $25 gift voucher just for showing us how you put something together - what a deal hey!

So if you're keen to receive your gift voucher, shoot over to our forum and post your install guide - click here to learn more:  http://www.cutpriceracing.com.au/phpbb3/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=921








QUALITY! Billet Front Wheel Hubs (17mm Bearings)


They may be light on the wallet but don't underestimate the quality of our awesome new anodised front wheel hubs!  Available in Red, Blue, Gold, Black and Silver they are the perfect solution for bolt-on front rims and wet-weather use where you may require more offset.  The bearings are actually pressed further into the hub on the wheel end than pictured to offer a "super" offset.

Click the picture above to get your set - there are limited quantities in each colour available.








OPULAR 2 & 4 Stroke Max-RPM Recall CPR GT Tacho



Our new CPR GT Large Display Easy to read Tacho with HIGH RPM ALERT, A baclkight, and MAX RPM Recall? And want that with a replaceable battery with battery level meter? For 2 or 4 stroke engines?
Well have a look at these!

Just arrived, they are easy to use and allow a multitude of options and settings to cover most engine needs of race kart drivers.

- Max RPM Recall ensures you can gear your kart correctly to take advantage of the corners and straights.
- RPM Alert allows you to pre-set an alarm RPM so that you'll know if you need to back off and save your engine.
- Large Backlit display is easy to read while driving.
- Engine rebuild reminder allows you to set a time between 0 and 200 hours for the hour-meter to remind you for service or rebuild.
- Replaceable battery, no need to throw it away when the battery runs out, just throw a new one in and get back out there! (Batteries available from our store)
- Multiple stroke / pulse configurable (1 pulse per revolution through to 5 pulses per 2 revolutions) - configurable for 2 and 4 stroke engines as well as unusual engines.

Get yours today by clicking the picture above.










Our new CPR GT kit provides cutting edge design at a discount price!


Senior style kits are now in stock!


You can find our full range of kits here:http://www.cutpriceracing.com.au/st…/Complete-Bodywork-Kits/















We've been supplying kart racing enthusiasts in Australia since 2005. That means we've been learning the right and the wrong products to use when racing a reliable kart that won't let you down.

There are plenty of cheap solutions on the market, but most low priced products are cheap and nasty substitutes, or products that competitors know are a compromise and are still happy to sell it to you so that they can rub their hands clean once you've bought your unreliable items. Here at CPR we have developed a range of correctly configured parts that work together.

With CPR parts on-board you'll be the one with the reliable kart that has fun all day long, rather than the guy who spends most of the day repairing his.

You can get your set of replacement tie rod ends by clicking the picture above.







And remember, we're here to help you get out there racing!

You can always be sure your items will leave the same day you order as long as you've made payment by 2pm that day.  Sure, it's a big claim, but I know shopping online is all about getting it before the weekend race day, and that's why I'm absolutely dedicated to getting our gear out the same day you order.  I believe so strongly that this is a critical component of our business that I've devoted the last two hours of the day to ensuring just that.  Don't be surprised if I can't get to the phone during these times as we're probably flat out!  Just leave me a message and I'll call you back asap. 

I know if you've bought from us before, you've had a great experience.  Nothing's changed with our focus - we still want to help the average Australian race, but we're expanding our range every day so I'd love for you to check out our latest website updates and see if we can help you again, today.  Go on, visit our store at www.CutPriceRacing.com.au - I mean, surely you've got a couple of minutes for fun?


Paul Jones
Managing Director