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Who is Cut Price Racing

Who is Cut Price Racing

Postby cutpriceracing » Sun Jan 19, 2014 6:30 am


Who are we?

Cut Price Racing is a registered Australian company. We sell DIY race go karts and replacement parts. We cater to budget racers and recreational project builders and offer very high quality parts at a fraction of the cost of go-kart stores.

Because our mission is to provide access to the ability to have fun with a go kart to people who would otherwise be priced out of the market, it makes sense for us to support the community as a whole. That's why we are developing a community forum and offer free advice on engines/gearing and chassis assembly/tuning. Not only that, but to ensure that customers have somewhere to take their projects and race karts, we support a range of low-cost racing venues and encourage clubs with the same goal to advertise their clubs and tracks on our site so it's easy for everyone to find.

How long have we been around?

Cut Price Racing was established in 2005 when the owner Paul Jones realised there were plenty of other people looking for a low-cost solution to maintaining racing go-karts.

What can we offer you?

We offer a cost-effective solution, with good quality new racing and recreational go kart parts.

Why are our prices so low?

Our goal is to offer the most competitively priced racing go kart components to keep racing affordable. As a result, our strategy has been to reduce our costs wherever we can. In order to offer such low prices, we have had to sacrifice some convenience in relation to collection of goods. We do not have a shopfront, or any of the associated running costs of a public accessible frontage. Our goods are shipped via a third party so that we can concentrate on providing the absolute best service possible. That’s why we can send your goods so quickly (we always send goods same day of payment as long as payment is made by 2pm EST that day). And that’s also why I’m happy to help with any enquiries. Always feel free to call me on 0425 899 222 whenever you would like to ask a question. Of course, email is usually faster so I do prefer that option where possible. (email me: [email protected])

Why do we offer FREE POSTAGE Australia-Wide?

We understand that the cost of postage can often be a deterrent, so we have set up our own site outside eBay which offers all our products at the same or lower prices, with free delivery. eBay charges very high fees for selling items, so to cover those fees we need to charge postage on eBay. Also, you may not be aware, but every single cent eBay makes from us Australians goes out of the country (they do not pay tax here). So we are happy to give the eBay fee savings back to you in free postage when you shop on our online store. It’s a win win for everyone – more money stays here in Australia, and you get a better deal on your parts.

What payment methods do we accept?

Recently, we also added credit card facilities to our store, so not only can you pay by eBay payment methods such as Paypal and Bank Transfer, but we also accept VISA and MASTERCARD.

Does the owner know anything about racing Go Karts?

Paul raced AKA 2-stroke bitumen classes (National, Clubman, and Rotax) and during his time in the sport, spent time looking for cost effective solutions to maintaining, upgrading, and repairing his kart. Cut Price Racing grew, and now boasts a full range of parts both new & used to suit recreational non-AKA and AKA racers alike.

Have a look through our store, we're sure you'll find something, at the best price you've seen.

A word from the owner: Paul Jones.

I started Cut Price Racing in 2005 in the back shed. Back then I wanted to find a cheaper way to race - and so did my customers. Over the years I've supplied countless thousands of products to lots of happy customers.

I've made sure the business gets a great reputation by posting items fast and resolving problems quickly and fairly. I've been able to refine the way we buy and now you can buy high quality brand new parts at a fraction of the price of the same things in Go-Kart shops.

Recently, I realised that a big chunk of the revenue was going out in eBay fees to the USA giant eBay and I thought that maybe we should keep that money here in Australia. So we've re-launched our website with Free Shipping at the same prices as our eBay items. The money we save on eBay fees stays in your pocket and you can spend that in your local economy (in places your friends and family work) rather than sending it to USA.

What I want to see is a fair go for the average Australian. We should all be able to race and have fun - not just the wealthy. I also want to help keep jobs here in Australia - so the profits from our fully Australian owned and operation company stay here for us all to benefit.

If you've bought from us before, I know you've had a great experience. If not, I'd love for you to check out our brand new website and see if we can help you out today.


Paul Jones

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