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Welcome to the October 2017 edition of CPR Kart-Beat News.  It's been a while since our last email - so we'll fill you in on what's been happening here - read on and find out what's in store this issue!


Last month I let you in on a little secret - that I'm out there racing, but I didn't quite tell you where.  We were hoping to let the cat out of the bag this month, but due to a couple of technical difficulties we're not quite ready to hit the big green go button.  We are nearly there though - it won't be long now!  Keep an eye out on our emails, our website and facebook to find out WHAT I've been racing and HOW YOU  CAN RACE ME, BROADCAST LIVE AROUND AUSTRALIA with full commentary!  It's going to be awesome!  Stay tuned!

Would I really keep you hanging?  Maybe, but this month we'll give you a sneak peak at the car we're driving!  Check it out below.





CPR has even more great new products - and they're easier to find! 



This month we're launching even more exciting new products, including our new range of fuel components.  Not only that, but we've stitched up a new deal for more performance GX200 and GX390 parts, so we'll be offering even more in the way of go-fast bits for your 4-stroke karts.  If you're running 2-stroke, don't worry - we've got you covered there too with our range expanding into even more components for KT100S & J engines including rebuild parts for your bottom end.  Check out our store in the newly categorised engine section.




NEW 'Saturday Night Guides' on FACEBOOK!



Our new 'Saturday Night Guides' posts on Facebook help install components or deterimine important measurements so you can buy the right parts.  If you've got Facebook, like our page by clicking one of the blue buttons spread right through this email.  If you don't have Facebook and want our guides, let us know and we will look at creating a new email just for you.  Or, if you like, you can go straight to our site and click the DIY Guides and Plans link at the top of the page to see them all!

EASY Clutch & Throttle Mount Kit




It's really actually very easy IF you have the RIGHT PARTS - our complete clutch and throttle cable mount kit does exactly what you need, it includes everything you'll need to hook up a throttle cable as well as install a clutch on a 3/4" output shaft motor (like a 6.5hp GX200 or GX160).

We get calls every week with frustrated customers wondering how to solve sticking throttle cables, or clutches that fail and trash chains - it could have all been avoided if they bought this great little kit in the beginning.

Comes with full instructions (as well as a copy online for those that end up with grease and oil all over their paper copy) to get you up and running in no time.

Stop doing it the hard way and grab one of our install kits by clicking the picture above.


We're making it easier to find our NEW PRODUCTS!



Our customers are constantly asking 'what's new?' so we've decided to make it even easier to find out by placing our 3 latest new products at the top of our website so you can easily see what's arrived each day!

Simply click the picture below to head over to our website and have a look!















GENUINE CPR Fuel Pump Rebuild Kits now in stock!

Our CPR fuel pumps are a fantastic high pressure pump giving great results to plenty of thrilled karters nationally, and at this price there's no wonder why - designed with sturdy metal construction they provide a rugged base for ensuring your performance 4 stroke engine get's all the fuel it needs to perform.

You can get one here: http://www.cutpriceracing.com.au/store/External-Fuel-Pump-Upgrade-for-4-Stroke-Engines/

And if you're wondering how long it will last - then the answer is an extremely long time, especially when you can buy one of our Genuine CPR fuel pump rebuild kits! Yep, we've got complete kits in stock ready to go. Solve leaks, air leaks, performance problems, and other running issues by installing a new set of gaskets, springs and seals.

You can get our rebuild kit here: http://www.cutpriceracing.com.au/store/Gasket-Set-Genuine-CPR-Suits-Fuel-Pump-FPEC01/

But it's not all about GOING, sometimes you need to STOP the fuel - and we can help you there with our premium quality anodised fuel taps now in stock! Simple to install and a basic but reliable on/off tap - they also look great on your kart!

Need a fuel tap right now? Get one delivered quickly by grabbing one here: http://www.cutpriceracing.com.au/store/Line-and-Filters/




NEW SPRINGS Full Range In Stock



You probably didn't know we carry a full range of muffler springs in stock, as well as loads of other springs for throttle return, pedal return and more…  Mostly because we've been keeping a bit quiet about it.

Just like these awesome quick release springs, which you can get here:

Or if you're after something a little different, check out the rest of our range by clicking this link:


We're making it easier to check when products are BACK IN STOCK!



If you're one of the unfortunate few customers who find that we're out of stock of something (and it doesn't happen very often) then you're in for a fantastic surprise this month!  We've made it so much easier to check if your item has come back into stock - at the bottom of our home page you'll find our new "back in stock" section which shows the latest products to arrive back in stock. 

Simply click the picture below to head over to our website and have a look!




We're doing more back-in stock updates and super-specials on Facebook!



If you're using Facebook, we're updating our page daily so that you'll always know when new stock arrives, or out-of-stock items come back into stock!  Make sure you like the page and posts to stay up-to-date and ensure you aren't missing out on any of our special offers!





HARD TO FIND Clamp-Style Stub Axle Kits


If you're finding it tough to locate clamp-style stub axles, you'll find them at CPR!  Our units come with adjustable camber built in.  Plus you can choose between 8mm kingpins or 10mm kingpins with our special sleeve system. 

17mm Shafts provide maximum compatibility with 17mm bearings and front hubs.

Don't buy a whole new chassis because you can't find clamp-style stubs - click the link above and browse our stub axle category to get yours today!



Our Trading Hours Have Changed.



Part of the process of reducing costs for you so that we can offer our impressive range of parts at the absolute lowest price has been to identify where we can make changes in our distribution system.  One of the places we knew we could look at our high costings was our warehouse so we've decided to take more control over that area and run it 4 days a week instead of 5.  Becuase we send barely any orders on Fridays we've decided to cut that cost and pass it onto you in the form of low prices.

We will now be open from Monday to Thursday which means we'll dispatch all orders paid up until 2pm on Thursday that day so you can have them by the end of the week.  

Remember even though we won't send orders out on Friday, the couriers will still deliver your items on the Friday of each week if you've ordered on Thusday!



We're finding ways to keep your parts prices lower!



You already know CPR is all about providing the best product at the best price but did you know how hard we've been working behind the scenes to keep your prices low?  We've been making some big changes to the costings in our business so that we can keep your pricing low!  You can find out more by scrolling down.


Our popular 3-spoke mag-style alloy rims are back in stock, but they won't be here for long, because even though we order double the quantity every container we still can't hang onto them for very long at all!  They're usually sold out within weeks, so don't wait until someone else is showing off their flashy set at your track - BE THE ONE with a set.  At this price, why not do it today?!

*Note our black sets are currently out of stock - these are in very short supply currently.

Check them out by clicking the ad above now! 








Hanging out for some exciting new products?  Well 2017 is your year!  In this issue we'll showcase more new products including our new Le-Mans body kit and our new GT Plastics kit!  Scroll down and browse through all the new products.




We're helping you install your parts!

Our new product install manuals have just been released.  If you've bought a product from our range you'll have instant access to our full range of manuals.  We're updating them constantly and adding new ones weekly so you can rest assured your new products will be easy to install and we've got you covered! 

Download your Install Manual



We've got a whole new month of exciting specials in store!

And of course we're still giving things away, but only if you buy directly from our online store - not eBay or over phone.  So if you're looking to score yourself some free stuff jump online and place your order today.  










Need a new ignition for your KT100S but don't want to pay through the nose?

Our new modules are insanely inexpensive - offering a quick resolution to loss of spark, at a price that you'll be grinning from ear to ear.

You can get yours today here: 

We're delivering excitement with speed!

And don't forget, anything you buy this month (or any month actually) will be sent the same day as long as you've paid by 2pm EST!  (excludes Fridays, Weekends and public holidays) - and FREE of charge when you buy through our online store www.cutpriceracing.com.au


BACK IN STOCK 420 Pitch Cluch, Chains & Sprockets



If you're building an off-road kart then 420P is quite appealing.  It's strong, heavy duty, and can handle heavy loads and high power.  Our 420P range is designed to interface with standard race-kart componentry so our sprockets will fit existing kart sprocket hubs.

Clutches are also available in 1" and 3/4" options so we'll have something in our range to suit your application.  Coupled with our popular torque converters (see the top of this email) they make a fantastic practical off-road solution.

Click the picture above to browse our range.




Daily Specials

We know you can't wait a whole month for a new special - you've told us you want to see more of our products on sale - and we've listened.  We'll now be offering a daily special on our site - you'll need to shoot over to check it each day so you don't miss out though - these will only last 24 hours at a time!

Look out for some exciting new specials, and if you want to stay up to date with our product back-in-stock notifications - like our facebook page and receive updates as well as extra specials!







You can always count on the best value at CPR and our wheel bearings are no different. In packs of 4 for just $14.95 delivered, there's no excuse for running worn out wheel bearings.

You can choose between sealed and low friction, from our premium range as well as our European brands.

So stop putting off that job - make your kart safe again and replace those tired bearings sooner rather than later.

You can get your set by clicking the picture above.





If you're in the mood to document your installation of either the 10hp kit, or any other of our products (it can be as small as a pedal set - you don't have to write a guide on a complete kit) why not pick yourself up a free $25 gift voucher for the trouble of writing it down and taking a few pictures?  Yep that's right we're giving you a $25 gift voucher just for showing us how you put something together - what a deal hey!

So if you're keen to receive your gift voucher, shoot over to our forum and post your install guide - click here to learn more:  http://www.cutpriceracing.com.au/phpbb3/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=921









If you're keen to get your kart on-point, now is the time!

Our 100pcs fit kit suits all karts and adds vivid anodised highlights to brakes, floorpan, plastics, steering components and other bolt-ons.

Includes Bolts, nuts and washers with a full set of countersunk washers and reinforcement plates, as well as spacers for your stubs - you'll have enough to completely overhaul your kart and get it looking like new in no time.

Available in Blue, Red, Gold, Black, Purple and Silver.

Get started on your quick and easy make-over today - check out our full range by clicking the picture above.




KEEN PRICE Premium Quality GX200 Ignition & Coil


GX200 Ignition Problems? Need a HIGH QUALITY ignition at the absolute LOWEST PRICE?
As always, we're here to help with that.

Our ignition systems are the same high quality units we ship with our reputable CPR 6.5 and 10hp GX200 engines. These are sourced from the highest grade factory for GX200 clone engines - they're so good we use them in our race engines.

Just like all the other parts for GX200's we carry, we make sure our parts are the most reliable available. Sure, that makes them a little more pricey in some cases, but for the quality you won't beat what you'll pay for our parts.

And we'll SHIP THEM FREE to you, with our SAME DAY dispatch!

At this price, can you afford NOT to have one SPARE?

If that makes a whole lot of sense, then shoot over to our site by clicking on the picture above and grab one today.






NEW RACESPRAY Competition Cleaner & Protectant


NEW! Hi - Tech Competition Cleaner and Protectant.

RACESPRAY is here!

Designed exclusively for competition use, RaceSpray harnesses the power of nearly 30 different ingredients to safely clean, degrease, and protect against debris commonly encountered on Motorsport Curcuits.

Developed in the USA, RaceSpray has been tried and tested for nearly 10 years under an alternative product name. GLISTEN has now acquired this incredible product to offer Australians a new level of convenience in motorsport.

RACESPRAY will help remove and protect against:
- Tyre marks
- Oil
- Grease
- Chainlube and other lubrications
- Water (helps stop water entering exposed bearings)
- Small fuel spills
- Dirt
- Dust
- Oily fumes
RACESPRAY is 100% SAFE to use on any non-porus surface such as:
- Plastics
- Stickers
- Paint
- Fibreglass
- Metals and Alloys as well as Anodised Alloys
- Rubber components (except tyres as product will cause loss of friciton)
- Glass

RaceSpray is perfect to use in the Pits to clean and protect, or aid visual inspections of wear and breakage.

RaceSpray will also come in handy on rainy days where it can be used to protect visors, windshields, and other visual shields against water droplets by resisting and driving water away.

Order your handy 250ml bottle today and try our speedy delivery service yourself!

Click the picture above to get a bottle today.



20mm BACK IN STOCK Complete Steering Assembly Kits



Seriously?  Yep, you're $109 buys you a complete steering assembly with your choice of anodised countersunk washers - that means you get rods, rod ends, shaft, boss, bush, brand new bolts, nuts, washers and countersunk washers, and we're quite serious!   That's an entire overhaul for under $1100 - so you can concentrate on racing and less on worrying about how expensive your steering assembly is!

Also available with 19mm steering shaft, bush and 19mm boss.

Click the picture above to get your set - plus we'll throw in a free pack of 3 fuel fliters this month but  hurry!  We only have limited stocks.










Daily Specials

We know you can't wait a whole month for a new special - you've told us you want to see more of our products on sale - and we've listened.  We'll now be offering a daily special on our site - you'll need to shoot over to check it each day so you don't miss out though - these will only last 24 hours at a time!

Look out for some exciting new specials, and if you want to stay up to date with our product back-in-stock notifications - like our facebook page and receive updates as well as extra specials!






And remember, we're here to help you get out there racing!

You can always be sure your items will leave the same day you order as long as you've made payment by 2pm that day.  Sure, it's a big claim, but I know shopping online is all about getting it before the weekend race day, and that's why I'm absolutely dedicated to getting our gear out the same day you order.  I believe so strongly that this is a critical component of our business that I've devoted the last two hours of the day to ensuring just that.  Don't be surprised if I can't get to the phone during these times as we're probably flat out!  Just leave me a message and I'll call you back asap. 

I know if you've bought from us before, you've had a great experience.  Nothing's changed with our focus - we still want to help the average Australian race, but we're expanding our range every day so I'd love for you to check out our latest website updates and see if we can help you again, today.  Go on, visit our store at www.CutPriceRacing.com.au - I mean, surely you've got a couple of minutes for fun?


Paul Jones
Managing Director