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Powered Slider Trike Complete Rear End Kit

Powered Slider Trike Complete Rear End Kit

*PLEASE NOTE - Current stock has sligthly different colour flywheel cowling and pull start cover - engine is identical internally and externally aside from the paint colour* - see last picture in the set

ABSOLUTELY BRAND NEW complete slider rear end kit! Bolt-on and GO!

All nuts and bolts are included to connect up the rear end.


1x Complete 40mm project axle kit (Your choice of colour - Black, Blue, Gold, Silver or Red)

1x 40mm Axle Shaft ($120)

1x 40mm Anodised Brake Hub ($80)

1x Drilled Brake Disc ($120)

1x 40mm Anodised Sprocket Carrier/Hub ($55)

2x 40mm Low Friction Sealed Bearings ($50)

2x 40mm Anodised Self-aligning bearing carriers ($80)

2x 40mm Anodised Wheel Hubs ($85)

2x CPR Bearing Hanger Brackets ($49.80)



ALSO INCLUDES the following nuts, bolts, and fixations:

4x Axle Keys cut to fit exact lengths of keyways ($10)

3x Bolts, washers & 2x Square Head High Tensile bolts for Brake Hub ($8)

6x ANODISED Countersunk Washers, 6x Countersunk High Tensile bolts, 6x Washers, 6x Nyloc nuts, 2x High tensile bolts for Sprocket Carrier ($24)

6x ANODISED Countersunk Washers, 6x Countersunk High Tensile bolts, 6x Washers, 6x Nyloc nuts, 2x High tensile square head bolts and 2x nuts for Bearing Carriers. ($28)

6x Studs, 6x Washers, 6x Nylocs, 2x High Tensile Square Head bolts for Wheel Hubs. ($16)





Axle Diameter: 40mm

Axle wall thickness: 4.5mm

Axle Length: 1050mm

Keyway width: 8mm

Keyway locations:  from end to end:

@ 10mm->75mm

@ 120mm -> 185mm

@ 350mm->400mm

@ 740mm->790mm
@ 975mm -> 1040mm



Brake Disc Thickness @ 4.5mm

Brake Disc Diameter @ 190mm



40mm low friction free-spin bearings
Twin grub screws & locating pins



Self-Aligning Bearing Flange/Holder/Cradle complete with 40mm Low Friction Race Bearing installed.

Holes are set 78mm apart from each other and 45mm from the centre.



8mm Keyway

Length: 60mm

Studs, washers & nuts included - standard thread


8mm Keyway

Holes are set 67mm apart from each other and 67mm from the centre (Suit Standard 219 or 35 pitch Sprocket).

1x Complete CPR 10hp High Output 200cc GX200 Style Engine with clutch and throttle cable fitted (your choice of clutch sprocket)

Are you looking for a simple & easy solution to powering a slider?  Ideal starting point for racing or recreational use, our LIFAN Honda Clone engine is one of the best built, most reliable available in Australia.  We buy the best quality clone available today with quality automotive grade components inside.  It comes complete, ready to run with throttle cable and clutch already attached.  All you need to do is mount it to your frame - can be easily adapted to any 2-stroke mount with an adaptor plate.


Planning on upgrading your engine later?  Don't get stuck with a poor flowing head, start with our engine as a base and ensure you have the best flowing head on the track for all box-stock categories where porting is not allowed.  If you're going to port anyway, why not start with a better design so your work is even more rewarding?


Have you recently bought a cheap honda clone engine and found that the crank size is incompatible the clutches available in Australia?  Have you been struggling to mount a throttle cable to your setup?  You won't have any of those problems with our engine, it's ready to bolt onto your go-kart frame out of the box!  Just connect the throttle cable already attached to the engine, to your throttle pedal with the clamp provided, slip your chain over the #35 clutch already installed, fill with oil and fuel and you'll be out there having fun in a matter of minutes!


Buy the time you buy a cheap clone, a clutch and all the mounting equipment, as well as a throttle cable and mounting equipment, all the upgrades we have bolted on as well as the time and headaches required to get it all to work, you'll be wishing you bought one of our simple 'ready-to-go' engines!

Lifan is a comprehensive line of professional duty power equipment designed with a focus on premium quality and outstanding value.


Lifan equipment will keep you running. All Lifan engines are Industrial Grade and feature cast iron sleeves, automotive grade rods, pistons, rings, crankshafts, valve and valve springs.The Lifan Overhead Valve (OHV) design provides better fuel efficiency, quieter operation, and longer life. The 196 CC Horizontal Shaft Engine is ideal for go kart use.  The Overhead Valve (OHV) design provides fuel efficiency, quiet operation, and a long life. The engine features a horizontal-shaft design for go-kart use.


Assembled dimension: 313x376x335mm

68 mm x 54 mm bore/stroke

Horizontal output shaft

Easy-reach recoil starter system with auto-decompression for easy starting

~4L fuel tank capacity offers long run times

Spark Plug Type = BPR6ES - recommended gap = 0.7-0.8mm

Non-transistorized ignition (TCI)

Force-Air Cooled

Crankshaft rotation - Counterclockwise

Adjustable throttle with included throttle cable is easy to connect to throttle pedals

Oversized muffler with safety heat shield for quiet operation

Splash-lubrication system provides efficiency



Our NEW performance pre-built engine has just arrived.  Identical to our standard engine with the complete upgrade kit fitted (inlet & exhaust) with all panels and external fuel pump, this engine is ready to race out of the box.   Even the governor has been removed for your convenience.


This unit is supplied with #35 Clutch (number of teeth as per title) and Throttle Cable to suit all go-kart pedals, Toolkit and owners manual with all setup details including valve clearances etc.   A comprehensive package.

1x CPR #35 Chain and Axle Drive Sprocket (your choice of axle drive sprocket)

1x CPR Recreational Hydraulic Brake System

1x Cable to connect Hydraulic Brake Master to hand controller (throttle cable) and terminator (Colour of your choice)

1x Pair of Rear Wheels and Tyres (your choice of rim style or type)

Choose between 130mm, 180mm, 210mm solid-style or 210mm mag-style rear rims. (130mm rims come with front tyres - 10x4.50-5, 180mm & 210mm come with rear tyres 10x7.10-5)

Comes with everything you need to connect it up and use. 


Just add Frame, Seat, Front wheel and hand controls and you're in sliding!

NOT SURE HOW TO BUY THIS ITEM?  Click here to read our simple walk-through guide.

 Brand New

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