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Stub Axle Spindle Suit Arrow CRG Silver Pair w/Red Spacers

Stub Axle Spindle Suit Arrow CRG Silver Pair w/Red Spacers

Stub Axle Spindle Suit Arrow CRG Silver Pair w/Red Spacers

BRAND NEW Stub Axle pair with BRAND NEW bearings, BRAND NEW spacer washers, and BRAND NEW wheel nuts!

That means you get EVERYTHING you need to make these work!  You won't be searching for spacers, or nuts or kingpins, or bearings, just bolt up and go!

These are less than half the price of other Go Kart Stores!

These are quality chrome plated stub axles / sprindles with 17mm Stub Axles for Race Karts.

If you're looking for a quality correctly manufactured component for a project which will be compatible with all race go kart front wheels (including race go kart off-road conversion wheels like our WSORBG) then don't get caught with a 15mm or even worse 10mm stub setup that you can't buy parts for.  Make sure you get yourself a kit lke this with 17mm stubs so you can buy wheels and bearings anywhere!


Why is the price so low if they are such good quality?  Well you're not buying a brand name so we can keep the price lower!  When brands are distributed, profits are shared between 2 or 3 different sellers - there's the master distributor, the wholesaler, and the retailer who all have markups on that product.  By the time you buy it, you're paying loads more.  We buy direct from the factory and then ship it directly to you, so you're not paying all these people along the way.  


Designed as a direct replacement to fit ARROW, CRG, AND MANY OTHER KART DESIGNS where bearings are fitted to stub axles rather than the frame.


Colour: Silver

TYPE: Bearings contained in stub axle
INCLUDES SPACER WASHERS (One set of 8 - 4x10mm & 4x5mm spacer washers - Colour as per title & title picture)

KING PIN Diameter: 8mm

To suit Wheel bearing Diameter: 17mm

Dimension A: 100mm
Dimension B: 18mm

Dimension A+B: 118mm

Dimension C: 22mm
Dimension D: 98mm

Dimension E: 52mm
Dimension F: 2mm

Dimension C+D+E+F: 172mm

Dimension G: (thickness of spindle) = 41mm

(For dimensions see last picture in set)


With the angles below, the first angle is as per the picture orientation (this is actually upside down).  The second angle is with the stub flipped and would be the angle when you've installed the stub right-side up.  Generally, use the second angle to measure on your kart if checking compatiblity. 


Angle X (angle between kingpin and stub shaft) ~65degrees / ~115degrees

Angle Y (angle between stub shaft, and line between kingpin and arm outer tie rod end hole) ~65degrees / ~115degrees


Angle between king pin and arm (not shown, as per picture orientation - stub is actually upside down)  - 85 degrees / 95 degrees





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